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inkler Public Relations

helps businesses and organizations create and protect their brand & image through public relations, crisis & issues management, stakeholder engagement and building and sustaining community and constituent relationships. We should talk about how we can help you build and strengthen your company’s relationships.

Why Partner with Winkler Public Relations?

Winkler Public Relations

Public Relations believes:

  • Your focus is managing your business and providing vision for your company.
  • Your company’s reputation is its most valuable asset – it’s what sets you apart from your peers.
    A favorable reputation has a positive impact on share price, sales, customer loyalty, recruitment and retention.
  • Our focus is helping companies leverage relationships with the community and stakeholders to positively impact their bottom line.


Public Relations is an integral part of a strategic plan that strengthens and extends the credibility of your advertising message with the impact of the third party endorsement. All elements of the integrated plan are seamless, synergistically working together, to give your company a greater return on your marketing dollars/investment.

Winkler Public Relations will work with your leadership team to create a strategic, integrated public relations/marketing plan for your company from your perspective with your vision and mission carefully studied.


  • Our creative solutions create value to our clients’ organizations.
  • We share a unique passion for providing outstanding delivery of a superior product and service to our clients.
  • Our company operates on our cornerstone values of relationships, integrity, credibility and expertise.
  • Public Relations revolves around a service to a public trust and we take that very seriously.