hat Winkler PR Can Do For You

Your company will benefit from Winkler Public Relations’ years of expertise and strategic relationships in areas of community outreach and stakeholder engagement. We will mesh with your team or we will serve as your public relations strategist. PR is not just “publicity”- it is a strategic business function.

Crisis Communications and Media Relations

Winkler Public Relations

Why Winkler Public Relations in a crisis? We should talk BEFORE a crisis.

Winkler Public Relations has decades of “hands on” experience in pipeline, marine, chemical and refinery crisis emergencies and drills. Preparation and planning are key elements in crisis management.  We can develop a crisis plan for your business or review and enhance your existing plan.


During his 30 years in Public Relations, Dennis Winkler has conducted hundreds of media interviews and managed media during emergency incidents and crises, such as fires, explosions, pipeline leaks, transportation fatalities, or assaults on a company’s reputation. Through his years of experience and training in media relations and crisis communications, Dennis has developed a unique style to manage media during emergencies, to successfully engage communities during times of high concern, and to counsel management on crisis communication strategy.



Winkler Public Relations can help your company:

  • Implement a media relations strategy
  • Effectively work with news media and deliver consistent, powerful key messages
  • Implement strategic public affairs activities to protect and enhance your company’s reputation
  • Prepare for & provide communications counseling during business crises

Issues Management

Winkler Public Relations’ experience in issues management combined with its broad relationships and involvement in communities, business and industry issues places Winkler Public Relations in a unique position to anticipate and identify issues before they can impact your operations, image or reputation. Winkler Public Relations can proactively design strategies and programs to manage, minimize and counter the impacts of issues.


  • Dennis Winkler has worked with petrochemical industry members on strategies and plans to roll out worst-case-scenarios for communities.  Plans included a unique method of communicating in town hall-styled sessions that improved one-on-one communication and prevented community outrage about toxic releases.
  • More than 92% of the town hall participants said industry’s emergency planning and preparedness for worst case scenarios increased community safety.


According to the Institute of Crisis Management, 75% of all organizational crises arise from un-addressed issues.

Stakeholder Engagement “Stakeholder Marketing”


Community Relationships

Winkler Public Relations can call on its vast experiences and relationships to help your company implement an effective community relations program.  Dennis Winkler’s community and media relationships span more than three decades in Houston and the Ship Channel areas, as well as Austin, New Orleans and Baton Rouge.


Dennis has developed strong business relationships with local, county, parish, and state government officials.  Throughout his 23 years with Shell Oil Company, Dennis was recognized for building and sustaining relationships, managing issues important to organizations and the public, and handling crises. Dennis’ strong community relationships helped Shell maintain its image during crises, helped the company receive favorable tax treatment for expansions and helped secure timely permits.


Community Outreach

Winkler Public Relations can help your organization develop results-driven community strategies that help build reputation, brand and goodwill.  The power of your corporate image lives in the minds of your neighbors, employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Winkler Public Relations
can target effective programs to deliver powerful results.


Stakeholder Engagement

Winkler Public Relations can help your organization engage with your stakeholders and win over or counter opposition groups. Winkler Public Relations has vast experience engaging with local communities and special publics, from working with opposition groups during permit applications to working with community groups on a day-to-day basis.


Dennis Winkler helped establish several community advisory panels and has actively engaged with more than a dozen community advisory groups, as well as environmental organizations. He worked side-by-side with community members to educate citizens about worst-case scenario prevention plans, helped build community awareness about clean air plans and spent years establishing dialogue and trust between companies and communities.


During his leadership tenure with the nationally recognized Deer Park Local Emergency Planning Committee, Dennis managed the start-up of a shelter-in-place safety campaign which became a model for programs introduced across the United States and in several foreign countries. He oversaw activities to design a friendly turtle mascot, Wally Wise Guy, and prepare educational materials to teach shelter-in-place to avoid chemical exposure.


Social Investment

Winkler Public Relations can help target your social investment dollars to generate the greatest benefit from your company’s community involvement. Dennis Winkler developed a Social Investment Strategy for a Fortune 100 company, a strategy that aligned the corporate giving program with business goals and objectives, addressed social issues and relieved business constraints.

Winkler Public Relations can:

  • develop a strategic plan for your company to reach stakeholders with consistency
  • develop stakeholder loyalty and support for company programs
  • establish effective partnerships with customers and alliance partners, strengthening your competitive advantage
  • prepare social reporting to external stakeholders
  • build brand awareness through effective social investment and cause marketing programs

Public expectation for corporate social responsibility and social performance is growing. In a 2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship Survey respondents shared their expectations:

  • 78% say companies have responsibility to support social issues
  • 84% say they will switch to a Corporate Socially Responsible brand
  • 84% say Corporate Social Responsibility is important to wanting a business in their community
  • 66% say Corporate Social Responsibility is important to stock investment
  • 83% would refuse to invest in company that is not socially responsible
  • 76% would boycott a company’s products/services if that company is not socially responsible




Winkler Public Relations can customize training that will enable your company spokespersons to deliver powerful key messages designed to receive favorable headlines and quotes that best represent your company’s position. Using a unique approach that has served Dennis Winkler through hundreds of media interviews and crisis situations, your representatives will learn to control the news interview by crafting and delivering powerful media messages. Our media training teaches the proper techniques for declining or granting an interview and how to identify and prepare
for issues that could become media stories.


Winkler Public Relations media training also includes unique tips about how to conduct public meetings and communicate during community outrage.


Winkler Public Relations has trained spokespersons in the refining and chemical industry, major retail organizations and property management, and provided counsel to economic development groups, schools and health and welfare organizations.

As a special benefit of Winkler Public Relations training, Winkler Public Relations can arrange to be on call to work behind the scenes to support your company spokespersons or, when needed, to speak on behalf of your company.


“Dennis’ outline and methodical approach to getting an effective sound bite really hit home….the training seemed tailor-made for what I needed to work on.”

– Public Affairs Manager, national retail chain



Relationship Selling / Customer Service Training

Kathy Winkler’s extensive sales and customer service experience brings a new perspective to “customer care” and can help your company earn and keep customers coming back and buying more. Kathy can help develop a strategic plan to help you reach your goals:

  • Do your sales and customer service teams provide “value-added” service to your customers?
  • Are your average sales as high as you would like?

Winkler Public Relations can help develop a strategy for your company to hit market share targets. Kathy’s unique style and enthusiasm evokes participation and interaction while keeping the audience engaged.

Winkler Public Relations will work with your sales team to:

  • build retail partnerships to advance your marketing program
  • coach your team to provide “value-added” service to your customers – outside and inside of your organization.
  • help your organization gain market share and “mind share” with customers by providing the “follow up and follow through” that keeps your customers coming back and buying more.
  • motivate your team to learn to do the things that will set your organization apart from others.


“The relationship selling training was relevant, upbeat and motivational.  I will put many ‘tools’ to good use on my calls tomorrow”.

– Account Executives / Bankcard Services Division, National Bank


Communications Training

Winkler Public Relations provides an array of communications training and can tailor a training session to meet your communication needs. Courses offered include:

  • “Dealing with Difficult People”
  • “Effectively Managing and Resolving Conflict”
  • “Effective Listening”
  • “Connecting with Your Audience and Answering Difficult Questions”

Image & Branding

Winkler Public Relations can develop a compelling, relevant and consistent brand experience that enhances your image and brand. We will work with you to develop strategies that position your company favorably with diverse publics, as well as your customers.


A positive image helps attract and retain customers and shareholders, as well as retains high caliber employees. A positive brand and image that is synonymous with integrity and leadership in the community will positively impact the bottom line of your company.

What kind of image is your company projecting?

In a Cone 2002 survey, 84% of the participants claimed they would switch to a socially responsible brand or welcome a socially responsible company to their community. For 74% of the respondents, corporate social responsibility is important to where they work and 66% say social responsibility is important to their stock investment.


In contrast, 91% of the respondents would switch to another product and 76% would boycott products or services of companies they perceive as not being socially responsible.


Winkler Public Relations can:

  • help develop strategies to effectively brand your company or re-build your brand to diverse publics
  • create an integrated brand strategy and increase brand value
  • build or re-build the reputation of your organization that will differentiate your leadership from others by capitalizing on your vision and values and social performance
  • help integrate and align strategy throughout your organization
  • develop strategies to launch a new identity and brand platform
  • develop strategies to maintain brand integrity