hat Others Say About Us

Public Relations has provided professional counsel and expertise to a diverse portfolio of clients across industries:

  • a regional commercial property management company
  • a Fortune 100 oil company
  • a Fortune 100 chemical company
  • an Economic Development organization
  • a chemical distribution company
  • Ship Channel chemical manufacturing and distribution companies
  • a national steel fabricating company
  • a national architectural and engineering company
  • 125 Ship Channel Industry Organization
  • a leading regional community college
  • an international risk management company
  • an oil and natural gas exploration and production company

Winkler Public Relations' Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Winkler is recognized as an "expert" in stakeholder engagement/"stakeholder marketing".

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“Whether it was your role on the CAP (Community Advisory Panel), the Educational Foundation, EHCMA or placing volunteers in the schools, you were an active member in the community. This helped to earn your trust and keep the plant visible as a member of an industry which cared.” - Fortune 100 Chemical Vice President

“Your ability to build relationships with our communities served our company well. The solid relationships you established will continue to serve us long after your retirement” - President and Country Chair Fortune 100 Oil Company


“Dennis Winkler/Winkler Public Relations brings to any business environment professionalism, business acumen and most importantly a consistent focus on integrity and ethics.” - President and CEO, Economic Development Organization

“As I have told you through the years, your integrity and professionalism are your calling cards. Everyone that you have worked with, inside of industry and outside in the community, holds you in high regard. You have established an outstanding track record and a reputation of a “professional’s professional” in the public affairs business.” - Fortune 500 Chemical Plant Manager

“The integrity and professionalism that you exhibited within our company established a trust and credibility with our executive leadership, your fellow colleagues, as well as our outside stakeholders.” - President and Country Chair Fortune 100 Oil Company


“As the largest plant complex in the community, located adjacent to a residential community, our exposure was very high. You represented both the Chemical Plant and the Refinery with a professional approach and as a trusted representative” - Fortune 100 Chemical Company Vice President

“Your vision and involvement have lead to a better community. As you provide these services for others in industry through your new business, the industry and community will be the winners.” - Fortune 500 Chemical Plant Manager

“Dennis has played a major role in the many industry initiatives that made a huge difference to the well-being of industry on the Ship Channel.” - V.P. and Plant Manager, Ship Channel Chemical Company

“Dennis is one of the best in the business. I use Dennis exclusively for my work...” - President and CEO, Economic Development Organization

Expertise: Breadth of Industry

“Your strength in emergency response was amongst the best I have seen. You were always available to respond, you quickly prepared media statements and presented them with confidence and respect for the issues which the community cared about….their health, safety and protection of the environment.” - Fortune 100 Chemical Company Vice President

“Your involvement in the industry risk management program to educate communities about industry worst case scenarios and the plans and steps to protect the communities was tantamount to the success of a very sensitive program. Your unique plan to inform the public through newspaper articles, ads and community forums, as well as through special meetings with constituent groups, helped get industry high praise for its proactive steps to community safety.” - Houston Ship Channel Chemical Plant Manager

“The (media) training was exceptional! I wouldn’t change/add a thing – great job!” - General Manager, Chemical Distribution Company

“The quality of our company’s first ever management retreat far exceeded even my wildest expectations. From coordinating meeting spaces, supplies, and snacks during the retreat work day, to planning leisure activities for spouses, no detail was overlooked. We literally did not want for anything the entire time – Kathy and Dennis had anticipated every possible need. We could not have pulled it off without Winkler PR, and will definitely work with them in the future.” – President, Rubber Manufacturing Company