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Winkler Public Relations Broadens Scope With Addition Of Marketing Strategy Manager

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HOUSTON (October 14, 2014) – Winkler Public Relations announced today that Ross Winkler joined the company as Manager, Marketing Strategy. He will expand marketing and customer relations services offered by Winkler Public Relations and assist with design, implementation and management of strategic marketing plans. Winkler will also manage business development to continue to grow clientele for the Houston-based public relations company. Continue reading


Houston Construction Industry Honors Local Elected Leaders

HOUSTON (October 13, 2014) – The Woman Contractors Association, Associated Builders and Contractors, and National Association of Minority Contractors will recognize federal, state and local elected officials for support of the construction industry during a reception Thursday, October 16, 5-8 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Houston.

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Ross Winkler Bio

Ross Winkler is Manager, Marketing Strategy at Winkler Public Relations. In addition to helping manage Winkler Public Relations business development efforts, Ross uses his marketing, sales and media relations experience to advise and counsel Winkler Public Relations and its clients on sales and marketing programs.


Ross worked with the Montgomery (Alabama) Biscuits AA Baseball Club from January, 2011 through October, 2014, where he served as Senior Corporate Account Executive. Ross was responsible for maintaining relationships with customers and managed more than 900 accounts, individually generating $250,000 in annual revenue through direct contacts, custom sales proposals and promotional campaigns.


In 2010, Ross worked as an intern and assistant general manager for the Florida Collegiate Summer Baseball League. In that role, he solicited local businesses to support the baseball team. Ross also volunteered as a student intern in the Auburn University athletics media relations department where he hosted and coordinated services for media covering Southeastern Conference football and baseball games in 2009-2010. Ross was selected to serve on a student leadership focus group to generate ideas about new campus recreation facilities. Ross is a 2011 graduate of Auburn’s College of Business.

Dennis Bio

Dennis is a 35-year veteran of the Public Relations field with experience in front of the camera during crises, as well as behind the scenes counseling management and out-front working with constituents during community outrage.  Dennis’ vast experience also includes handling many positive events, such as groundbreakings, open houses and kick offs; events that included the likes of the Prince of Wales, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico, and the Governor of Texas. Dennis has long-standing relationships with leaders on the local, state, regional, and national scene.


Dennis, retired from Shell Oil Company, is professionally Accredited in Public Relations (APR) through the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and is a member of the PRSA Counselors Academy. He was appointed to the Gulf Coast Rail District board by the Harris County Mayor’s and Council’s Association, is an elected member of the Bilma Public Utility District board, is a founding board member of the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region and chairs the group’s Public Policy Task Force. Dennis is an active member of the Greater Houston Partnership, serving on various committees including federal, state and local relations committees.


Winkler Public Relations is also an active member of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC)-Greater Houston Chapter, The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, The Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA), The Women Contractors Association, Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) and Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

Kathy Bio

Kathy has over two decades of marketing and sales experience, starting as a small business owner 29 years ago. Her experience includes serving as Regional Marketing and Public Relations Director (Texas and Massachusetts) for a national decorating franchise company, Training Consultant for Dale Carnegie, Retail Sales Representative and Project Manager for Intuit and Southwest Area Sales Manager for Lexmark. Kathy’s vast experience includes marketing, sales and new business building classes for franchise owners, customer service and sales seminars for national marketing/sales teams, including major retail chains and national phone sales teams. Kathy oversees sales and marketing, procurement, contracts and financial aspects of Winkler Public Relations. She also provides expert counsel on training, retail, customer service, sales and marketing needs of clients.


Kathy is active in Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC)-Greater Houston Chapter, The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region and The Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) – Houston and was named WBEA’s 2007 Advocate of the Year. Winkler Public Relations was named “The 2011 New Member of the Year” for ABC-Houston. Winkler Public Relations is also a member of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, Women Contractors Association, Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) and Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.

Who We Are

Public Relations was founded in the Fall of 2003 by Kathy Winkler, a sales and marketing professional. Dennis, a seasoned corporate Public Relations professional, joined the team in 2004. They meshed their sales, marketing and public relations skills to form Winkler Public Relations. Winkler Public Relations is a nationally-certified woman-owned business (WBENC), is certified as a small business enterprise with the Port of Houston Authority and is a TX-HUB certified business.

Winkler Public Relations is fully insured to fulfill SBA liability contract specifications and ready to align with your team.

Image & Branding

Image & Branding

Winkler Public Relations can develop a compelling, relevant and consistent brand experience that enhances your image and brand. We will work with you to develop strategies that position your company favorably with diverse publics, as well as your customers.


A positive image helps attract and retain customers and shareholders, as well as retains high caliber employees. A positive brand and image that is synonymous with integrity and leadership in the community will positively impact the bottom line of your company.

What kind of image is your company projecting?

In a Cone 2002 survey, 84% of the participants claimed they would switch to a socially responsible brand or welcome a socially responsible company to their community. For 74% of the respondents, corporate social responsibility is important to where they work and 66% say social responsibility is important to their stock investment.


In contrast, 91% of the respondents would switch to another product and 76% would boycott products or services of companies they perceive as not being socially responsible.


Winkler Public Relations can:

  • help develop strategies to effectively brand your company or re-build your brand to diverse publics
  • create an integrated brand strategy and increase brand value
  • build or re-build the reputation of your organization that will differentiate your leadership from others by capitalizing on your vision and values and social performance
  • help integrate and align strategy throughout your organization
  • develop strategies to launch a new identity and brand platform
  • develop strategies to maintain brand integrity




Winkler Public Relations can customize training that will enable your company spokespersons to deliver powerful key messages designed to receive favorable headlines and quotes that best represent your company’s position. Using a unique approach that has served Dennis Winkler through hundreds of media interviews and crisis situations, your representatives will learn to control the news interview by crafting and delivering powerful media messages. Our media training teaches the proper techniques for declining or granting an interview and how to identify and prepare
for issues that could become media stories.


Winkler Public Relations media training also includes unique tips about how to conduct public meetings and communicate during community outrage.


Winkler Public Relations has trained spokespersons in the refining and chemical industry, major retail organizations and property management, and provided counsel to economic development groups, schools and health and welfare organizations.

As a special benefit of Winkler Public Relations training, Winkler Public Relations can arrange to be on call to work behind the scenes to support your company spokespersons or, when needed, to speak on behalf of your company.


“Dennis’ outline and methodical approach to getting an effective sound bite really hit home….the training seemed tailor-made for what I needed to work on.”

– Public Affairs Manager, national retail chain



Relationship Selling / Customer Service Training

Kathy Winkler’s extensive sales and customer service experience brings a new perspective to “customer care” and can help your company earn and keep customers coming back and buying more. Kathy can help develop a strategic plan to help you reach your goals:

  • Do your sales and customer service teams provide “value-added” service to your customers?
  • Are your average sales as high as you would like?

Winkler Public Relations can help develop a strategy for your company to hit market share targets. Kathy’s unique style and enthusiasm evokes participation and interaction while keeping the audience engaged.

Winkler Public Relations will work with your sales team to:

  • build retail partnerships to advance your marketing program
  • coach your team to provide “value-added” service to your customers – outside and inside of your organization.
  • help your organization gain market share and “mind share” with customers by providing the “follow up and follow through” that keeps your customers coming back and buying more.
  • motivate your team to learn to do the things that will set your organization apart from others.


“The relationship selling training was relevant, upbeat and motivational.  I will put many ‘tools’ to good use on my calls tomorrow”.

– Account Executives / Bankcard Services Division, National Bank


Communications Training

Winkler Public Relations provides an array of communications training and can tailor a training session to meet your communication needs. Courses offered include:

  • “Dealing with Difficult People”
  • “Effectively Managing and Resolving Conflict”
  • “Effective Listening”
  • “Connecting with Your Audience and Answering Difficult Questions”

Stakeholder Engagement “Stakeholder Marketing”

Stakeholder Engagement “Stakeholder Marketing”


Community Relationships

Winkler Public Relations can call on its vast experiences and relationships to help your company implement an effective community relations program.  Dennis Winkler’s community and media relationships span more than three decades in Houston and the Ship Channel areas, as well as Austin, New Orleans and Baton Rouge.


Dennis has developed strong business relationships with local, county, parish, and state government officials.  Throughout his 23 years with Shell Oil Company, Dennis was recognized for building and sustaining relationships, managing issues important to organizations and the public, and handling crises. Dennis’ strong community relationships helped Shell maintain its image during crises, helped the company receive favorable tax treatment for expansions and helped secure timely permits.


Community Outreach

Winkler Public Relations can help your organization develop results-driven community strategies that help build reputation, brand and goodwill.  The power of your corporate image lives in the minds of your neighbors, employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Winkler Public Relations
can target effective programs to deliver powerful results.


Stakeholder Engagement

Winkler Public Relations can help your organization engage with your stakeholders and win over or counter opposition groups. Winkler Public Relations has vast experience engaging with local communities and special publics, from working with opposition groups during permit applications to working with community groups on a day-to-day basis.


Dennis Winkler helped establish several community advisory panels and has actively engaged with more than a dozen community advisory groups, as well as environmental organizations. He worked side-by-side with community members to educate citizens about worst-case scenario prevention plans, helped build community awareness about clean air plans and spent years establishing dialogue and trust between companies and communities.


During his leadership tenure with the nationally recognized Deer Park Local Emergency Planning Committee, Dennis managed the start-up of a shelter-in-place safety campaign which became a model for programs introduced across the United States and in several foreign countries. He oversaw activities to design a friendly turtle mascot, Wally Wise Guy, and prepare educational materials to teach shelter-in-place to avoid chemical exposure.


Social Investment

Winkler Public Relations can help target your social investment dollars to generate the greatest benefit from your company’s community involvement. Dennis Winkler developed a Social Investment Strategy for a Fortune 100 company, a strategy that aligned the corporate giving program with business goals and objectives, addressed social issues and relieved business constraints.

Winkler Public Relations can:

  • develop a strategic plan for your company to reach stakeholders with consistency
  • develop stakeholder loyalty and support for company programs
  • establish effective partnerships with customers and alliance partners, strengthening your competitive advantage
  • prepare social reporting to external stakeholders
  • build brand awareness through effective social investment and cause marketing programs

Public expectation for corporate social responsibility and social performance is growing. In a 2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship Survey respondents shared their expectations:

  • 78% say companies have responsibility to support social issues
  • 84% say they will switch to a Corporate Socially Responsible brand
  • 84% say Corporate Social Responsibility is important to wanting a business in their community
  • 66% say Corporate Social Responsibility is important to stock investment
  • 83% would refuse to invest in company that is not socially responsible
  • 76% would boycott a company’s products/services if that company is not socially responsible


Issues Management

Issues Management

Winkler Public Relations’ experience in issues management combined with its broad relationships and involvement in communities, business and industry issues places Winkler Public Relations in a unique position to anticipate and identify issues before they can impact your operations, image or reputation. Winkler Public Relations can proactively design strategies and programs to manage, minimize and counter the impacts of issues.


  • Dennis Winkler has worked with petrochemical industry members on strategies and plans to roll out worst-case-scenarios for communities.  Plans included a unique method of communicating in town hall-styled sessions that improved one-on-one communication and prevented community outrage about toxic releases.
  • More than 92% of the town hall participants said industry’s emergency planning and preparedness for worst case scenarios increased community safety.


According to the Institute of Crisis Management, 75% of all organizational crises arise from un-addressed issues.

Crisis Communications and Media Relations

Why Winkler Public Relations in a crisis? We should talk BEFORE a crisis.

Winkler Public Relations has decades of “hands on” experience in pipeline, marine, chemical and refinery crisis emergencies and drills. Preparation and planning are key elements in crisis management.  We can develop a crisis plan for your business or review and enhance your existing plan.


During his 30 years in Public Relations, Dennis Winkler has conducted hundreds of media interviews and managed media during emergency incidents and crises, such as fires, explosions, pipeline leaks, transportation fatalities, or assaults on a company’s reputation. Through his years of experience and training in media relations and crisis communications, Dennis has developed a unique style to manage media during emergencies, to successfully engage communities during times of high concern, and to counsel management on crisis communication strategy.



Winkler Public Relations can help your company:

  • Implement a media relations strategy
  • Effectively work with news media and deliver consistent, powerful key messages
  • Implement strategic public affairs activities to protect and enhance your company’s reputation
  • Prepare for & provide communications counseling during business crises

Why Partner With Winkler Public Relations?

Public Relations believes:

  • Your focus is managing your business and providing vision for your company.
  • Your company’s reputation is its most valuable asset – it’s what sets you apart from your peers.
    A favorable reputation has a positive impact on share price, sales, customer loyalty, recruitment and retention.
  • Our focus is helping companies leverage relationships with the community and stakeholders to positively impact their bottom line.


Public Relations is an integral part of a strategic plan that strengthens and extends the credibility of your advertising message with the impact of the third party endorsement. All elements of the integrated plan are seamless, synergistically working together, to give your company a greater return on your marketing dollars/investment.

Winkler Public Relations will work with your leadership team to create a strategic, integrated public relations/marketing plan for your company from your perspective with your vision and mission carefully studied.


  • Our creative solutions create value to our clients’ organizations.
  • We share a unique passion for providing outstanding delivery of a superior product and service to our clients.
  • Our company operates on our cornerstone values of relationships, integrity, credibility and expertise.
  • Public Relations revolves around a service to a public trust and we take that very seriously.

ABC Greater Houston Names Winkler Public Relations PAC Member of Year

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HOUSTON (January 25, 2013) – The Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Houston Chapter named Dennis Winkler of Winkler Public Relations the 2012 Political Action Committee (PAC) volunteer of the year. Winkler was recognized at ABC’s member kick off breakfast on January 25th.


This is the second consecutive year Winkler Public Relations was honored by ABC Houston, having been named new member company of the year for ABC Houston in 2011. The company joined ABC in December 2010. ABC Greater Houston has over 460 member companies. Continue reading

Economic Alliance Conference Examines How Natural Gas Boom Drives Petrochemical Renaissance And Panama Canal Expansion Boosts Maritime Outlook

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HOUSTON (September 6, 2012) – Executives in the petrochemical industry and leaders in the maritime and logistics industry shared positive economic forecasts based on petrochemical industry expansion and maritime growth combined with investment in Port of Houston infrastructure. These business leaders shared upbeat outlooks with more than 500 customers, suppliers and vendors dependent on petrochemical and maritime industries at the third annual Economic Alliance Petrochemical & Maritime Outlook Conference in Pasadena Sept. 6th. Continue reading

Greenway Plaza Offers Customers Transportation Options

H-GAC says alternative transportation options help improve air quality

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HOUSTON (September 5, 2012) – Greenway Plaza and Crescent Real Estate Equities Limited Partnership are hosting a Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) and Commute Solutions-sponsored transportation fair on the Grand Plaza between 3 and 5 Greenway Plaza on Thursday, September 13, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participants can enjoy music and food while learning about the various commuter solutions available to help deliver clean air. Continue reading

Patriotic Flair Enhances Greenway Plaza Environmental Collection Day

E-Cycle event collects cell phones for soldiers

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HOUSTON (April 18, 2012) – The Greenway Plaza E-Cycle collection event on Thursday, April 19 adds a patriotic twist to this year’s environmental cause. A special collection of cell phones will be held during the semi-annual environmental waste collection day sponsored by Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC to assist the charity, Cell Phones for Soldiers. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides deployed and returning U.S. military troops cost-free communication with families. Since 2004, the program has collected more than 8.3 million cell phones, raised more than $7 million and provided more than 114 million minutes of free talk time.
Continue reading

Mobil Steel Adds Product Manager, Engineer

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HOUSTON (August 17, 2012) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. announced today that Richard “Rick” Johnson joined the local steel fabricator as engineer and project manager. Johnson, a degreed engineer and trained estimator, will help Mobil Steel bid and manage a large influx of projects the company has won recently as the local energy, refining and petrochemical industries lead an economic recovery for America. Continue reading

ABC Greater Houston Names Winkler Public Relations New Member Of Year

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HOUSTON (February 3, 2012) – The Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Houston Chapter named Winkler Public Relations the 2011 new member of the year at ABC’s inaugural dinner earlier this year. During the dinner held at the Petroleum Club, ABC recognized outstanding members in several categories and announced officers and board members for 2012.  ABC Greater Houston has 464 member companies. Continue reading

Turner Industries Boudreaux Heads Local ABC Board

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HOUSTON (January 24, 2012)] – Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston Chapter named its 2012 officers and board at the annual inauguration dinner January 11th at the Petroleum Club. ABC Greater Houston membership elected five officers and 28 board members from Greater Houston’s industrial and commercial construction businesses, as well as suppliers and associates to the building and construction industry. ABC Greater Houston has 464 member companies. Continue reading

Local Steel Fabricator Earns AISC Quality Certification

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HOUSTON (January 31, 2012) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. received its American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) quality certification renewal in January, 2012, marking the sixth consecutive year Mobil Steel earned quality certification. AISC Certification confirms Mobil Steel’s commitment to produce quality steel fabrication and establishes Mobil Steel as one of only seven Houston area steel fabricators to achieve the rigorous industry standard for quality. Continue reading

Crescent Announces Office Lease 37,280 Square Feet At Greenway Plaza

Briggs & Veselka relocate to 9 Greenway Plaza

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HOUSTON (December 22, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that Briggs & Veselka Co., an independent public accounting firm, signed a new lease of 37,820 square feet at 9 Greenway Plaza in Houston. Warren Savery and Bubba Harkins represented the owner, Crescent Crown Nine Greenway SVP LLC, while Bill Wolff of UGL Services-Equis represented Briggs & Veselka. Continue reading

Houston Center Largest Mix-Use Real Estate Complex to Earn LEED EB Gold

2 Houston Center designation completes 4.2 million square feet of Class A office space as LEED EB Gold

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HOUSTON (December 5, 2011) – Crescent Property Services, Inc., announced today that 2 Houston Center in Houston’s Central Business District achieved Gold status for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings ( LEED EB). This U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) certification completes all office buildings within the Houston Center complex and The Shops at Houston Center as LEED EB Gold. Continue reading

Energy Crime Stoppers Expands to Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale

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HOUSTON (November 10, 2011) —Energy Crime Stoppers, an anti-crime program launched three years ago in Texas by the Energy Security Council (ESC), expands into Pennsylvania. The announcement was made today by officials of ESC and Pennsylvania (PA) Crime Stoppers. Energy Crime Stoppers will concentrate resources and publicity throughout the area known as the Marcellus Shale, a formation rich in natural gas that has attracted intense drilling and production activity. Continue reading

Crescent Adds Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau to Houston Center

Bureau to relocate to 29,000 square feet in 4 Houston Center

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HOUSTON (October 11, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) signed a new lease of 29,000 square feet at 4 Houston Center in Houston’s Central Business District. The CVB is expected to relocate to their new offices by December of 2011. Debbie Wilson, vice president of leasing for Crescent Property Services, Inc., represented the owner while Dan Boyles, a principal at NAI Houston, represented the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Continue reading

Mobil Steel Sponsors Economic Outlook Conference

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HOUSTON (September 30, 2011) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. sponsored the Petrochemical & Maritime Outlook Conference attended by 500 customers, suppliers and vendors dependent on petrochemical and maritime industries. The attendees heard the president and CEO of the Port of Houston and plant managers from local industry share forecasts for capital investment and maintenance projects that will position local refineries and chemical plants as well as the Port of Houston for continued growth. The crowd also heard federal and state elected officials pledge to create a positive economic and regulatory environment for continued growth of the port, business and industries in the Houston Port Region. Continue reading

Greenway Plaza E-Cycle Collection Event September 22

E-Cycle Collection Event Adds Toner Cartridges to Accepted Items

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HOUSTON (September 21, 2011) – The Greenway Plaza e-cycle collection scheduled for Thursday,
September 22nd will be accepting toner cartridges as a featured item for this event along with other normally accepted electronic waste. The semi-annual collection day sponsored by Crescent Real Estate provides Greenway Plaza customers and neighborhood residents a convenient, environmentally responsible way to recycle home and office e-waste. More than 100,000 pounds of e-waste collected from Greenway Plaza customers and area residents has been recycled and diverted from landfills over the previous three events. Participants should utilize the drive-thru lane between 9 Greenway Plaza and Frost Bank entering from Edloe Drive between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Continue reading

Economic Outlook Robust for Houston Port Region

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HOUSTON (August 30, 2011) – More than 500 customers, suppliers and vendors dependent on petrochemical and maritime industries listened to positive economic growth news from local industry leaders and heard federal and state elected officials pledge to create a positive economic and regulatory environment for continued growth of industries in the Houston Port Region. The upbeat messages were delivered during an economic outlook conference sponsored by the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region along with presenting sponsor, the Port of Houston Authority (PHA). Continue reading

Crescent Announces That Fulbright Tower Earns BOMA 360 Designation

First Houston Center tower to achieve BOMA 360 honor

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FORT WORTH, TX, (May 25, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that Fulbright Tower in Houston’s Central Business District earned the Building Managers and Owners Association (BOMA) 360 performance building designation. Fulbright Tower, owned by Crescent 1301 McKinney, L.P., is part of the Houston Center complex featuring The Shops at Houston Center and four office towers with 4 million square feet of Class A office space. Continue reading

Crescent Earns Top Energy Star Leadership Status Second Consecutive Year

Crescent plans to add 15 Houston buildings to LEED certification in 2011

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FORT WORTH, TX, (April 18, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that the company earned ENERGY STAR Leader status from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA recognized Crescent for achieving a 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during 2010 across the company’s portfolio of ENERGY STAR rated office buildings. Continue reading


Congressman Olson Listens to Concerns, Recommendations from Area Business

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HOUSTON (March 16, 2011) – More than a dozen Houston Ship Channel industry and small business members delivered a strong message to Congressman Pete Olson, (R) Texas 22nd Congressional District, that while Houston and U.S. economies are on the road to improvement, uncertainty regarding available financing and over-reaching federal regulation of business and industry inhibit a robust economic recovery.  Candid discussion occurred during a roundtable forum with Congressman Olson sponsored by the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region. Continue reading

Mobil Steel CEO Promotes Free Enterprise to Texas Legislators

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HOUSTON (February 28, 2011) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. president and CEO Leonard A. Bedell joined some 100 owners, senior officers and managers of commercial and industrial construction and supply companies to promote open competition and free enterprise principles to members of the 82nd Texas Legislature during Associated Builders and Contractors Legislative Day February 9th in Austin. Continue reading

Crescent Renews Fulbright & Jaworski Lease At Fulbright Tower

Prominent international law firm signs 10-year lease

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FORT WORTH, TX, (March 10, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. signed a lease renewal of 299,676 square feet to remain the named customer at Fulbright Tower in Houston’s Central Business District. Debbie Wilson and Bob Boykin of Crescent represented the owner, Crescent 1301 McKinney, L.P. while Jim Bailey & Tim Relyea of Cushman & Wakefield represented Fulbright & Jaworski. Continue reading


Mobil Steel Employees Invest in Local Community

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HOUSTON (January 28, 2011) – Mobil Steel International, Inc. and its employees continue to invest in the community and help area neighbors through participation and donations to local charities.

In October, Mobil Steel’s HR manager, Sheri Henry, and a team of walkers associated with Pasadena ISD raised more than $60,000 for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Henry surpassed her goal of $500 in contributions by more than 50 percent. Continue reading

Winkler Public Relations Delivers Free Enterprise Message to Texas Legislature

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HOUSTON (February 14, 2011) – Dennis Winkler, co-owner of Winkler Public
Relations, joined some 100 owners, senior officers and managers of commercial and
industrial construction and supply companies to promote open competition and free
enterprise principles to members of the 82nd Texas Legislature during Associated
Builders and Contractors Legislative Day February 9th in Austin, Texas. Continue reading

Crescent’s Greenway Plaza Earns Urban Land Institute’s Heritage Award

Award recognizes visionary design and quality execution


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FORT WORTH, TX, (January 31, 2011) – Crescent Real Estate Holdings LLC announced today that
Greenway Plaza received the prestigious 2011 Urban Land Institute Houston Development of Distinction Heritage Award. The ULI award jury commended Greenway for demonstrating that visionary design and high quality execution stands the test of time. Continue reading

Forum Provides Citizens Chance to Ask Experts About Air Quality

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HOUSTON (October 29, 2010) – Local and national environmental experts discuss Houston’s current air quality status, continuing improvement and future challenges during a Clean Air Forum at the University of Houston Hilton Hotel November 4th. Technical sessions, including a keynote luncheon by TCEQ Chairman Bryan Shaw, target environmental professionals. A free public session with state and local environmental agencies, industry and environmental activists addresses future air
quality challenges and shares information with citizens on monitoring and reporting odors, pollution and health events. Continue reading

Kathy Winkler Named WBEA Advocate of the Year

Kathy Winkler, president and owner of Winkler Public Relations, received the 2007 WBEA “Advocate of the Year Award” from the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA) at its annual “EXPO: Connections 2007” awards banquet in May, 2007. The award recognizes a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) who utilizes, encourages, supports and promotes business opportunities with other WBEA members. Continue reading

Dennis Winkler Appointed as Representative for GCRD

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Dear Chairman Ellis:
It is my pleasure to inform you that during the Harris County Mayors’ & Councils’ Association (HCMCA) meeting held on August 19, 20 I0, the membership present voted unanimously on a recommendation from HCMCA’s Nominating Committee, Chaired by Mayor Wayne Riddle of the City of Deer Park, to appoint Dennis E. Winkler as HCMCA’s representative to the Gulf Coast Rail District. Mr. Winkler will fill Robert Robinson’s unexpired term effective on September I, 2010, and expiring on January 23, 2011. Continue reading

Winkler Public Relations Joins ABC Greater Houston Chapter

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HOUSTON (December 6, 2010) – Winkler Public Relations recently join the
Associated Builders and Contractors Greater Houston Chapter. ABC is America’s
leading commercial and industry construction trade association dedicated to advancing
and protecting the construction industry through open competition and free-enterprise.
ABC Greater Houston represents small manufacturers and commercial contractors
in the Houston region who service the refining and chemical industry which Winkler
Public Relations supports. Mobil Steel International, Inc., a Winkler Public Relations
client and active member of ABC Greater Houston, introduced Winkler Public Relations
to ABC and sponsored Winkler Public Relation’s membership. Continue reading