Texas Legal Firm Adds Unique In-House Legal Counsel to its Slate of Environmental Services

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Houston (April 5, 2016) - The AL Law Group created a slate of legal services that provide clients both expert in-house legal counsel and experienced external environmental legal services. The new hybrid approach, AL Law’s In-House Environmental Counsel (IHEC) services, allows companies to customize their legal needs and budget.

The AL Law Group created the slate of legal services to help companies with no or limited in-house environmental counsel, companies wanting to supplement and enhance internal environmental legal help, and companies cutting back legal departments during an economic slowdown. The IHEC service provides in-house environmental counsel on a part-time basis either on-location or out-sourced. Additionally, the environmental law firm has the legal capacity to provide more than one experienced attorney for in-house environmental counsel.

“AL Law can help companies who want to reduce outside counsel costs for a defined, predictable low cost monthly flat rate that allows them to call AL Law attorneys whenever they want,” said Jed Anderson, a principal attorney with AL Law Group. “Whether it is five hours or 20 hours a week, we provide a deep bench of experienced attorneys as in-house or external environmental legal experts.”

All AL Law Group attorneys originate from big law firms or Fortune 500 companies, with each having more than 10 years environmental law experience. As a whole, AL Law offers more than 140 years of environmental law experience with strong business acumen.

“AL Law attorneys are highly experience environmental counselors and business people who are solutions oriented,” said Anderson.  “We understand environmental regulation, we know the law and we have agency relationships to help companies reduce legal liability and increase profitability.”

AL Law Group’s unique structure and its IHEC service allows the firm to provide a low hourly rate or a monthly flat-fee basis for clients who prefer a fixed rate for the ability to call anytime for legal needs, according to Anderson.  AL Law has been creative in structuring legal services that take advantage of their attorneys’ big firm experience yet provide greater value due to the experience and environmental expertise of the attorneys, and a lower legal fee structure.

In addition to In-House Environmental Counsel services, AL Law created a unique Over-Compliance Environmental Legal Assessment (OCELA) service) and a proprietary Agency Submittal Legal Review (ASLER) process.

OCELA is an innovative tool to help companies improve environmental performance while reducing unnecessary costs and decreasing potential liabilities created through over-compliance. AL Law’s OCELA service evaluates commonly occurring over-compliance situations the law firm has detected through years of legal practice with Fortune 100 and smaller companies alike.

ASLER addresses compliance, wording, and legal judgments that often must be made within the “grayness” of increasingly more complicated environmental law.  The AL Law Group reviews permit document submissions, deviation reports, agency letter, and all other forms of agency submissions that could create legal liability and cost to companies.

“Our unique expertise and structure gives us the capability to offer distinctive services. We are proud to provide big firm experience at twice the value,” Anderson added.

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About AL Law Group

AL Law Group offers a new, innovative platform to provide outside environmental legal services to a diverse list of clients. The AL Law Group provides big law firm experience at twice the value.  The attorneys in the AL Law attorneys all originate from leading Texas law firms or Fortune 500 companies and each has more than 10 years environmental legal experience. For more information about how AL Law Group can handle all your environmental needs with less of your budget, visit www.allawgp.com